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poetpilotgeek's Journal

Poet Pilot Geek
80's music, airports, antoine de saint-exupery, arcade games, architecture, arlo guthrie, art, artists, audrey hepburn, avacados, aviation, beat poets, beatles, being outside, beliefs, bible, blues, bob dylan, bombay sapphire, books, boston, bright eyes, campfires, candlelight, cars, cheese, chess, classic books, classics, coca cola, cocktails, coffee, coffee shops, concerts, constitution, cooking, creme brulee, dancing, doctor who, dogs, douglas adams, drinking, driving fast, dvds, eccentrics, edward weston, excellence, f. scott fitzgerald, fawlty towers, fiction, films, flying, foreign films, frank lloyd wright, freedom, good beer, good food, guitar, guitars, guns, hammocks, history, holding hands, horseback riding, hot tubs, hugs, humor, iced tea, independence, intelligence, interesting people, internet, intimacy, introspection, ireland, italian food, jazz, john lennon, kissing, l. frank baum, late night conversations, laughing, libertarianism, liberty, lightning, linux, literature, long talks, love, maine, miles davis, monty python, movies, muse, music, myths, old books, olive garden, orange juice, orono, paper, paul simon, peter sellers, philosophy, photography, poetry, poets, portland, princess bride, pubs, rainy days, reading, real people, richard brautigan, road trips, run lola run, runways, san francisco, san jose earthquakes, science fiction, scotch, sherlock holmes, silly, silver, simon and garfunkel, single malt, sociology, strawberries, summer, sushi, tea, the beatles, the chronicles of narnia, the prisoner, thunderstorms, tori amos, travel, travelling, trust, u2, van morrison, vintage art, walking, warren zevon, what dreams may come, wine, women, words, writers, writing